Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Tues. 05/05/09

Off to the Drs this morning to give up some blood for testing - this will provide with me a base line by which to monitor the physical rejuvination of my internals to go with the psychological rejuvination of the old grey matter, then off to Pershore for more server rejuvination (that's got to be a record for use of the word rejuvination in any one web page on the internet!).

Things are looking good in Pershore - the team seem to be taking to the new system and I now have a backup system where by they write something to the server - which is copied to another drive - which every 15 minutes is copied to another drive and then backed up every night - there is a technical term for this approach known as "covering ones own a*se". TM

Got a lift with one of the partners back to Worcester who had an hour to kill whilst his youngest was at choir practice so off to the Plough - first visit to said venue since I started this - for 1.5 pints of Veltins (about 5%).

Made contact with the guy running a new Birmingham based website (video below) - and offered my services (albeit for a glass of lemonade and a bag of twiglets) - some times you have to get in on the ground level! (Site link should be read after watching video below).

Now to some lightly seared dead cow and salad for supper.

Spoke to Ma&Pa and Julie - And you know what - Bob Hoskins was right!

So without further ado - my new possibly business partner...

Oh and Dolly Daydream - can you please let me know who you are via comments (i'll not publish it if you request but I'm fascinated) and Ged If it's you dropping in from the Port - let me know - private message on Facebook is cool.

Keep commenting people - it's keeping me going!


  1. Glad you are feeling more positive. Think I will keep you guessing a little longer as to who I am, thats if you even know me at all ???

  2. I've been checking the logs - you coming in from Ellesmere Port?

    Maybe a relation of Ernie?