Friday, 15 May 2009

It's a hat-trick (almost)

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As it sit writing this I am a little under 30 minutes away from Saturday which means I've strung 3 dry days together. Strung is an apposite word, as at the moment after a full on tidy up day and a night in a very quiet off licence (albeit doing battle with Photoshop to produce some 'give us some more money ya tight customer' type flyers) I must confess that the 2 cans of draught Guinness (4.1%) 2.2 units per can sat next to the chilling Guinness glass in the fridge are likely to "go down singing hymns!" - you know I love that phrase and only 16 sites on Google use it - I now wonder were I picked it up and maybe now understand why people give me strange looks whenever I use it.

The aforementioned "Liffey water" - yes I now they don't use it I'm just waxing lyrically to fill the time before I can drink the stuff be'jesus - will be consumed at a gentle pace commencing 12:00:01 Saturday 16th May.

Oh better take my happy pill - they have stablised especially over the last few days - will be interesting to see the difference after a couple of beers. I am trying to get back into the Doctors on Monday - hey Julie fancy playing telephone tag again? So hopefully I will get my blood test results then.

So at 3 minutes and counting this seems appropriate.

Well it killed 50 seconds anyway so have this one as well

Yey - 3 days - tick did indeed follow tock.

*psssssht* *gentle pour* A toast to absent friends and you lot for providing support via the comments and facebook. *a tentative sip* *slurp moustache*
Yep that tastes good. Actually it tastes marvellous - I can't remember the last time I really appreciated the taste of a beer (apart from the occasional exceptional real ale) - a part of me is feeling gulity that I didn't try for 4 days - still one step at a time eh?

I'm gonna play some poker...

Oh if your wondering the posting time (23:29) is when I started the post not the time of posting.

Update : 38 minutes of Guinness lovelyness and I'm feeling a bit squiffy - gonna risk the 2nd


  1. Enjoy the Guinness and raise a glass to those that care. all the best.

  2. Well done you, dont have too many wet days in between the dry ones. Try 4 soon x

  3. Well done on the 3 dry days. trying for 4 this week?

  4. Eagerly waiting for the next episode-good or not so glorious, let us know how it's going XXXX