Sunday, 3 May 2009

Sat 02/05/09

Very late night last night - 5am to bed so when woken by phone call @11:30 was a bit groggy - tho no beer the night before meant I didn't go back to sleep - spent the day tidying. And then I has a snooze.

Off to Mandy's birthday party (6x Stellla 4%) and a glass of punch (erm vodka, schnapps and juice) - lot of support tonight - some very earnest conversations - it's bolstered me further.

I'm going to move to a different scale next week, based on rationing myself on units of alcohol - I'm thinking that will focus me more on when I do and don't drink - I'm going to move my drinking to a pleasure rather than a need.

And finally - a tune - not cats - no silly DUI - just a song I like with an ace video by NemoSandman...


  1. Beware ! If it was possible for an alcoholic to move drinking to a pleasue rather than a need I doubt there would be many alcoholics in the world. Don't lose sight of reality xx

  2. Umm, not sure about moving to the units of alcohol scale. Believe it or not I've been trying to cut down my own consumption in the last couple of months - no I don't drink as much as you, yes the fact that I feel the need to explain myself suggests I'm hiding something - anyway...

    Until such time as all bottles (and the pub) carry those Unit of Alcohol symbols its actually quite difficult to tell how much you've drunk.

    Is a glass of wine at home the same as one in a bar?
    Is the wine 12.5% (usual French stuff), 14.5% (common in Californian) or good British Three Choirs at 10.5%?
    And a pint of beer in the pub? Stella? Staro? Carling? 3? 4? 2?

    Its too open to fudge. Roll on the day when you get those symbols on everything.