Saturday, 9 May 2009

Quick Update


Last few days haven't been ideal - I'm working on a longer post that I hope to post tomorrow evening - partly in response to an interesting post by Craig Murray and the debate that it has caused. Pop over and add your 2 penneth worth - I'd be interested to hear you views.

And also addressing some of the comments I've received.

Oh and thanks to Blogmonkey for the link - cheers mate.

The page impressions ticked over 1000 views at some point yesterday which is a sobering (I know) thought. The fact that so many of you will be tracking my progress will no doubt steel me later on but at the moment it is making it a bit weird, that and the fact that my body clock has gone completely haywire. Got to be up at 7am tomorrow so gonna call it a night.


  1. If what Craig said was true there wouldn't be any acholic's. That's the difference between people who can drink to excess and stop and those who can't and it destroys their life.

  2. Ah, don't let a little thing like a debate on the existence/effectiveness of an almighty deity throw you off.

  3. You body clocks gone haywire? Consider yourself lucky.

    Try having a teething baby, its like getting jet lag every night. Four nights now and the maximum we've gone before wake ups is three hours, Saturday night it was every 40 minutes.

  4. No problem Mr P - least I could do. :)

  5. Allan I look forward to meeting the loves of you life later in the year - you complain now but you know you are so very lucky x