Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Quick update

Sat - 2 Guiness in the early morning (c.f. laste post)

plus 2 pints Guinness in the pub after work

Sunday - bought 4 cans of Carlsberg - drank 1 and half cans - weak taste no effect

Monday - lots of cleaning - brought my PC into the lounge - brighter place - all part of the behavior modification - fell asleep on the couch watching Inspector Gently - you must watch this series. Drank the other 2 cans - not sure why they tasted shite and did nothing alcohol wise.

That's episode one - there are 2 more

Tues - off to see my counsellor - we did a count - 17 units - down from 25 last week.
Now if you consider my old intake was 4xspecial brew a NIGHT - that was 18 units every night.
I think that is a result.

Today - a good day workwise but not so good unit wise - 2 x Tennants - 4 units each - so I need to pace myself for next Tuesday. Caught up with my counsellor - another good session - decided to make the next appointment 2 weeks. Stretch it out a bit.

Have sorted repeat presciption of the happy pills - hope I can get an appointment on friday to share my blood test results.

Busy day tomorrow - pershore and then gloucester

and now to bed (and not falling asleep on the couch like last night)

mog - can u drop me a message on facebook to say whether I can call you?


  1. Sounds like your making good progress so congratulations are in order.

    What is the ultimate goal? Zero alcohol or controlled consumption?

  2. I think that is a good result, the unit drop. Well done. It's good to see the progress going the right way. :-)

  3. Well done on reducing your units. I'm waiting for some blood results at the mo. Maybe we can compare notes? I'm hoping mine aren't too bad. Feel very shakey today. Might need to take a drink even though I don't want to. The valium isn't working for me...

    Keep strong fella.

  4. All gone quiet over there - any up dates for us blog junkies?