Monday, 4 May 2009

Mon. 04/05/09

Bit of a crappy day really - got a bit done around the flat before work - but have the sniffles and a sore throat - could be hayfever kicking in. On the up side the pills aren't causing me any problems at the mo.

Off to work for possibly the slowest Bank Holiday Monday ever and then back home via the Chippy for a pick-me-up tray of chips and mushy peas - snack of kings! Although the 15 minutes wait was a bit much!

Got home to find flat in darkness - knew I meant to do something on the way in this morning - so back out to top up my leccy meter. Two hours - give or take - after leaving work I finally got home proper. And so succumbed to 1 of the 2 Stella (4%) in the fridge - the other may or may not got the same way...

Pershore tomorrow after the Docs for bloodtests. Must remember to put out recycling in the morning.

Todays vid (I'm only doing this to tempt those who have signed up via RSS to pop by from time to time!) is possibly one of the finest animations I have ever seen - I can't comprehend just how they did this. Enjoy...


  1. Hope you have had a better day today xx

  2. Thank you - I did - see comments at the bottom of my latest post x