Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Tues. 28/04/09

Well posting the website on an online forum I inhabit (b3ta - warning not for those easily offended) produced 182 visitors today, some welcome positive contents both here and on the thread and 2 new followers - all good - the more people watching the less likely I am to stray.

As I said last night - took the happy pill late last night and this seems to the best course of action - felt a bit woozy, still a bit sickly and still getting flushes up until about 10am (I was out of the house by 9am) so I'm going to run with that. Oh I forgot to mention, another side-effect of the medication is anxiety - this has made me jumpy when the phone rings and I am not expecting it which I am finding quite comical as it goes, another one which will pass.

Spent a productive day at work working on the server which was part of the reason I lost it (there is a back story there which I will write up after speaking to the owner), and everybody loves my new hair style.

"Ten years younger" is a phrase been used several times though I'm yet to work out whether they mean I now look 28 or that I looked 48 before then...

Although the group of lads on Sunday afternoon walking up the High Street who pointed and shouted "Look it's Frank_Gallagher" makes me suspect the latter. (see above)

Often known to make a fool out of himself and shirk all responsibility ... When he was rendered completely sober by a new drug, Frank appeared reflective and even quite intelligent, wondering why Sheila would add to her problems by marrying a mess like him.
Quote from Wikipedia that hits home quite a lot.

So todays units - 1 pint Guinness (hour to kill before bus) and 1 pint Stella (met some friends in pub when got back - invited back for Chinese and more beer - declined).

No beer in the house, so some food, a bath, a happy pill and bed seems in order.

Oh and just reading back the introduction - I realised I'd missed a big Thank You to my Sister and her hubby for making the trek down to spend some time on Thursday night last week and coming with me to the Doctor on Friday. It helped loads.

And finally, I ask you all to spare a thought for kittens with drink problems...

Keep commenting - (yes even you Allan ;-) although be warned I still have the pictures from the France school trip) - It does keep my spirits (no, not that sort) up.


  1. Hi, keep on thinking about 1st May, nobody wants to go through that again.

  2. Good for you declining the beer, I hear thats the hard part.

    As for school photos, some of us still have the video. Never mind the looking 48 or 28, how about 18? Maybe I should figure out just how to use YouTube...

  3. Video? What video - are you talking about Tomorrow Talking? If you are I still have a copy of that as well... Your move mate.