Monday, 27 April 2009

Sun. 25/04/09

Early start (7.30)
After a crappy nights sleep - I was warned about that.
Took Happy Pill at 9am - I think I need to work out what time it's going to interfere less - bit of brain confusion and less nausea. Feeling a bit itchy and hot flushes.

Left work at 3pm and went for a drink to absord the lies in the Sunday Mail (a tradition I will need to break). 2 pints of Stella draught (5%) and 2 games of crib (2-0) to me (sorry Matt you taught me too well)

Back to flat - Ade (big hugs to my favoutite ex-flatmate) clearing some of his stuff out - Cleared lounge and kitchen of crap so they just need cleaning.

Back to Matt's - yummy tea - Tuna and loads of veg - plus a hair cut and a couple of laundry loads - plus 2 small cans of Stella (5%). Thank you Matt and Mandy - I really do appreciate it.

The haircut has made a tremendous difference already.

When I was wee boy whenever I was ill my Mum would take me for a haircut.
It would always make me better - I seem to suffer from reverse Samson Syndrome!
Actually my Dad took me for my first haircut - I suspect that the cinefilm still exists - I also suspect that I shat myself on the way home on the bus - MOG do you care to comment?

Back home - should be asleep but my brain won't slow down at the mo - but will resist sleeping pills at Dr's appointment on Thursday - I've seen what they can do to people. So will try a 1:30 freeroll poker game - heck if i'm this sober I may actually win!

BTW if you haven't watched the Reggie Perrin on iPlayer then you really should.

Thanks for kind words - keep speaking to me here and on facebook - it really does make a difference.


  1. I only remember my mum taking me to the hairdresser once when I was very young. It must have gone badly because she got family members and friends to do it after that. I didn't go to a hairdressers again until I was about 22.

    Oh well, saved me a fortune I suppose (at the cost of having badly cut hair)...

  2. Yep the hair cut is an improvement from your other recent photos.

    This will probably get this commented blocked by the moderator :) - but.... once upon a time the young (about 16) Poons took himself for a hair cut and accidentally told the barber to shave it all off. He went around in a baseball cap for the next couple of weeks.

  3. BTW Coincidently we had the original Reggie from Love Film the other week. The new one if not half as good, nice to see the updates but Martin C isn't half as good as Leonard Rossiter, and CJ is such a wimp here. What I want to see is Reggie Blackadder; Rowan Atkinson as Reggie, Miranda Richardson as Mrs Perrin, Stephen Fry as CJ and so on, it would be brilliant.

  4. Blocking by the mod - who do you think I am Iain Dale?

    As for Reggie - I kind of agree - but I'm still liking it and we only have one episode to judge - miss the Hippo though...

    Grrreat - Smashing!