Monday, 27 April 2009

Mon. 27/04/09

Well the late night poker went well (112th out of about 2000 players) - won a whole 20c (about 14p) and finally dropped off to sleep - woke around 11 (took happy pill) and did some tidying, and found my phone and £2.30 (bonus!).

Happy pill made me feel sick (again), gave me hot flushes and still leaves me feeling 'disengaged' - It's not an entirely unpleasant feeling but I realised it more when I got to the shop at 5pm. Have also been feeling a bit jumpy (anxiety is a side effect) so whenever the phone rings I jump - this will pass I'm sure.

Went for one at the pub on the way home - general consensus is haircut has taken years off me. Left pub after 2 beers (me bad) - and deposited half of pint down drain on the way to the bus. Maybe link between beer and nausea - so back home after picking up second load of clean clothes from friends' house (cheers M&M). Have beer in the fridge but have not opened it. A good sign.

Full day tommorrow - over at the other job and maybe a PC job Wednesday and Gloucester Thursday to do some work on a server. Oh and I'm doing an interview via e-mail for a UK national computer mag - more details once I know myself (not about this blog but something else I got involved in last year)

So units are dropping - I am considering May 1st as dry day - for several reasons. We will see how it goes over the next 2 days.

And finally (imagine that last bit in the voice of Trevor McDoughnut)
as someone who does battle with computer bugs on a regular basis I give you my nemesis....

Technical Aside : I'm switching off anonymous blocking - I've had messages that people would like to post here - they will still be moderated


  1. To May 1st then, I was getting a bit confused, those references to beer when your drying out. Now I understand, Cat on the Roof stuff.

  2. You've lost me know - Cat on The Roof? ????